Map Editor and Mobile Data Collection: Custom forms – New Options

Forms Manager is a fundamental tool for making connection between “office and field” data. Form creation is improved and now the already well-known form manager has a few new possibilities.


 Persistent option

After choosing field data type, you can define a couple more details. If you activate Persistent option for a field on your mobile device, values for that field from the previous submission will be remembered for the next submission. Persistent data option is very useful if you collect a lot of records with same values. Now you only need to change data which isn’t the same as in previously collected point.


Required data

Required data option will prevent data from being sent if the required field hasn’t been filled out. If you try to send data without noticing that crucial values are missing, your app will warn you about your oversight.


Single line and Multiline fields

Besides aforesaid improvements, text fields can be defined as a Single line or Multiline fields. If you only need to enter a simple text value, the single line field will suffice; a longer input, like a note or a comment could require a bit more room so choose the multiline option.


Default value

Also, there is another new option, Default value, which makes your data input a lot easier if specific value is often repeated. Value that you choose when you are creating a form will be entered in MDC app form by default.


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