Introducing Map visit counter and Bookmarks!

Last week we’ve introduced updated coordinate and projection tools.
This week we would like to show you a couple of new features that we hope you’ll find useful.

With the Map visits counter you can easily find out how many times your map has been visited. Every time a user opens your map, whether he opens it in the application or views the embedded map on your website, the map counter will automatically record those visits. You can get visit counter information in real-tome under the Info tab in the Map properties of your map.


Another feature that we hope you’ll find useful in your everyday work is the bookmark tool. Spatial bookmark allows you to save map views based on the map’s current extent. Simply adjust the map to your desired location, add a bookmark and save it for a future reference. Also note that every bookmark you create in your map will be accessible to everyone accessing that map.

Stay tuned for more news & updates. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback.