GIS Cloud Special Offer: 60% Lifetime Discount!

GIS Cloud Bundle offers you 1 Map Editor, 3 Map Viewer, 1 Map Portal and 2 Mobile Data Collection app subscriptions at just $95 per month (real value: $235). This is a limited time offer until October 15th.

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This solution gives you an ideal set of mobile, tablet and web applications for office and field work that provide a simple & easy way of sharing, visualizing, analyzing and collecting data. Use this opportunity to get started with GIS Cloud Apps and seamlessly integrate cloud into your work-flow!

Why GIS Cloud and GIS Cloud Apps:

  • Simplifies the exchange of geographical information between users
  • Easy way to analyze information regardless of its users location
  • Creation of customized mapping reports, publishing geographic analysis on the Web
  • Open, extensible application cloud platform
  • Runs anywhere on any form factor
  • Integrate and interoperate with existing enterprise applications
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Mobile Data Collection is a tool for iOS and Android devices which allows you to collect data from the field in real time, populate custom forms and work even in offline mode. This app gives you the possibility of collecting accurate and timely information which increases productivity and reduces response time. (Real value: $20 a month).


Map Editor is a powerful cloud based map editor that enables you to easily build and share your maps. It supports number of vector and raster formats, rich GIS symbology and it has built-in collaboration capabilities. Developed on the latest HTML5 technologies, it is the first of its kind application with full vector-based editing and real-time updates to a geo database. (Real value: $55 a month)


Map Viewer provides a simple and easy map access to multiple GIS and non GIS users on tablet and smartphone devices as well. The application is optimized for non-professionals who just need to access the information (Real value: $15 a month).


Map Portal gives you an overview of your mapping effort, which is a friendly way of displaying data to the public. Simple and easy application, ideal for data and map publishing (Real value: $95 a month).


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